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How To Get

Started Abroad

If you’ve been thinking about living abroad, this is for you! You’ll learn how to navigate through the process of living, working or even retiring abroad. This seminar is designed for non-expats but is also useful for expats looking to move to other countries!


What You'll Learn 

Create an exit strategy to help prepare you and your family to move to another country. Learn how to deal with the old while living in the NEW! 

Meet Your Personal Expats

Start.Living.Abroad was birthed from all the knowledge and wisdom John and Chevonne gained from living and working in countries like America, China, Qatar, and Hong Kong. In 2016, John and Chevonne made the decision to permanently move their family across the globe after realizing there is more to life. Currently, they live overseas and love to travel around the world sharing their story. They are successful international educators, trainers, speakers, and world travelers. Their mission is to empower others to live their best lives abroad!